I am currently a fourth year student studying at Michigan Tech. I will be graduating in December with a B.S. in Scientific and Technical Communication and a Certificate in Media.

I am a national certified and Michigan licensed Medical First Responder. My interests include: Film, Photography, Web Design, Media Production, Hockey, Technology,  Digital Media, my Huskies Bauer and Flare, and my Dart Frogs.

I like coffee, crunchy peanut butter, Moleskine notebooks, my Nikon D5100, my 1978 Moped, and comics. The only pencils I write with are Pentel P207 and the only pens I use are Pilot G2 07.

Everything tastes better with cheese.

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2 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. Maurica says:

    Dear Audrey,

    As an upcoming web designer I felt it important to check out your site and see what I thought. So far so good. (As far as I can tell, I’m still a newb) Just wanted to send you a little hello and see how you’re doing.

    🙂 love,
    Maurica James aka Mo 🙂

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